Status of BlackBerry picking

At this time we are suspending u-pick.

Also,poor berries are sold out until possibly September,we’ll see how that crop does.

Due to cane blight we have destroyed a large part of our field and we won’t be replanting. I have found that growing berries here is extremely difficult without extensive labor or the use of high tunnels.

Thanks for all who supported us. We will have berries for sale as the crypto yields.

Check back with us in September or spring 2022.

Than you again

Thanks for the support

After several years of poor harvest I am pulling up half the field of berries. Our climate just doesn’t promote healthy cane berries. Sad to say we won’t offer u-pick any longer. We will keep some of the field for fresh frozen sales as they are available.

We still will grow asparagus for spring, trout for spring and comb honey all year round.

Thanks for your support.

2020, A Year to Forget?

Does anyone have a good thing to say about 2020? We do! But Fortunately for many it is almost over!

Our Asparagus did very well, and our Trout sold well too. Our Honey Bees were very productive and reproduced themselves admirably! Berries did not do well becuase of very late freeze and then too hot July temps.

We have planted “Sequoia” aparagus for harvest in 2022 in addition to our “Purple Passion” Variety. We are blessed to have a good growing situation for our Asparagus, we hope it will do well for years to come. Next year we will be selling a canned Asparagus we will call “Candied Asparagus”. It will be crunchy-sweet and pickled.

So to those that follow us on the blog, next years offerings will be;

  • Rainbow Trout
  • Asparagus
  • Comb Honey
  • Blackberries
  • We also will have Berry plants for sale
  • Our Signature “Blackbear” Meat/Veg marinade and Salad Dressing
  • Exclusive Blackberry Wine Vinegar
  • Candied Asparagus

Thank you to all of you that support us and support local farms. Its something we do to bless our neighbors and community. God bless you all.

Spring 2020 We will be early!and Asparagus too!


Rainbow Trout are ready for sale. They average just under to just over one pound. Price is $5/lb. I net them live for you when you want to pick up.


By all appearances we will have an early season this year. Plants are starting to bud.  This year we will have Natchez first with Oachita right on its heals. Also this year we overwintered our PrimeArk Freedom Variety so these should be ready quite soon too. PA Freedom is a large Berry with nice Flavor. We have never gotten much fruit from them as they Fruit early on the Primocane and typically dont over winter very well. This year we took a chance and left the Canes and we have been rewarded as the winter was so mild the canes look really good. Our old workhorse The Primeark 45 will be late this year as we cut back all of last years canes to see if we can break the cane Blight cycle. Lets hope so.

Prices for 2020 will remain the same $4 per lb. U-Pick and $1 more for We-Pick.


We will have Asparagus; Price to be determined


Also We will have comb honey for sale as we now Have 4 active hives! 

9-11 We still have fruit for Picking

Its mid September and we’ve had no rain, but we have irrigation! Berries need about an inch of rain a week while growing fruit and now we can give them what they need!

We still have picking going on, if your interested we will have fruit till the first frost. We also have fresh Frozen berries at $4.95/lb.

Please come see us next season if your not wanting anymore fruit this year.We NEED YOU. This is a micro farm that is here to serve the beautiful community of Bedford and Roanoke. Please support your local farm! Thank you!

We will have Trout sometime in November.

Asparagus picking will start next May.

Almost There

We have some ripe berries now but not enough to open for picking another week and I’ll update how they are doing. Thanks For Supporting Your local Farm!

We need you!

First Crop is about Finished, but-

But, We should have nice second crop of Berries coming in August. The PA45’s (very sweet berry) have fruited and will (Lord willing) Fruit again in about 50 days from now. We also have PA Freedoms ( very large fruit) just fruiting now, should be ripe in a few weeks.

Blossoms are Showing

Well, April means nasty weather here in Virginia (is this the new normal? or the old normal coming back?). Makes it difficult on anybody raising crops other than cows!

Spent the week cleaning up the fields. Spring weeding and pruning. Like last year we have had a battle with cane blight from last years excessive rain. Since this seems to be the new normal we are replanting some rows with a variety that seems more blight resistant (Natchez, great flavor and bigger than most). Some plants are looking good with lots of flower buds. I cant say its going to be a great year but we will have fruit. Likely going to be no sooner than July, we will have some late fruit too (fall).

Please support your local farm, please! We are trying to keep some old time traditions going for you and for us. We will be offering special pricing for larger amounts picked over the entire season.

We will have live Rainbow Trout available in May; $5/lb. netted live/fresh out of the stock tank. Very healthy eating!

Our Asparagus is doing well (Purple Passion). It will be available for purchase this time next year ( Oh! the waiting!)

We are going to try and have Corn available (sweet varieties) from a self serve honor system stand at our road (Toms, at 43 below the POO, just past Kelso Mill.

Thanks for following and supporting us!

February Update; Berries and Trout

Well its been SOOOOO wet, cant even get into the Berry field to do anything yet. I was able to get in and do a bit of winter pruning a few weeks back. Though its been wet its not been terribly cold so  plants should come back fine. Too early to tell yet how the season will be but we are always optimistic! Keep checking back.

Thank you for considering your local farm for food, we do this for all of you (and us too). We try to be reasonably priced and of coarse we are fresh, we use no harsh chemicals and use the best practices we can come up with for healthy food.

We also are raising Rainbow trout. Live for table, creek or pond. they will be market size in a few months.

Please support us!