Almost There

We have some ripe berries now but not enough to open for picking another week and I’ll update how they are doing. Thanks For Supporting Your local Farm!

We need you!


First Crop is about Finished, but-

But, We should have nice second crop of Berries coming in August. The PA45’s (very sweet berry) have fruited and will (Lord willing) Fruit again in about 50 days from now. We also have PA Freedoms ( very large fruit) just fruiting now, should be ripe in a few weeks.

Blossoms are Showing

Well, April means nasty weather here in Virginia (is this the new normal? or the old normal coming back?). Makes it difficult on anybody raising crops other than cows!

Spent the week cleaning up the fields. Spring weeding and pruning. Like last year we have had a battle with cane blight from last years excessive rain. Since this seems to be the new normal we are replanting some rows with a variety that seems more blight resistant (Natchez, great flavor and bigger than most). Some plants are looking good with lots of flower buds. I cant say its going to be a great year but we will have fruit. Likely going to be no sooner than July, we will have some late fruit too (fall).

Please support your local farm, please! We are trying to keep some old time traditions going for you and for us. We will be offering special pricing for larger amounts picked over the entire season.

We will have live Rainbow Trout available in May; $5/lb. netted live/fresh out of the stock tank. Very healthy eating!

Our Asparagus is doing well (Purple Passion). It will be available for purchase this time next year ( Oh! the waiting!)

We are going to try and have Corn available (sweet varieties) from a self serve honor system stand at our road (Toms, at 43 below the POO, just past Kelso Mill.

Thanks for following and supporting us!

February Update; Berries and Trout

Well its been SOOOOO wet, cant even get into the Berry field to do anything yet. I was able to get in and do a bit of winter pruning a few weeks back. Though its been wet its not been terribly cold so  plants should come back fine. Too early to tell yet how the season will be but we are always optimistic! Keep checking back.

Thank you for considering your local farm for food, we do this for all of you (and us too). We try to be reasonably priced and of coarse we are fresh, we use no harsh chemicals and use the best practices we can come up with for healthy food.

We also are raising Rainbow trout. Live for table, creek or pond. they will be market size in a few months.

Please support us!

YES, we still have fruit! and Introducing the Pro Pickers Club!

We still have some nice fruit for picking. We will have fruit to pick all the way to the first frost of Autumn so come on by.

I am also seeking members to our new Blackberry Pro Pickers Program.

If you really like Blackberries and can pick anytime I am offering a “club” pricing plan. Pick at least 25lbs of fruit ( doesnt have to be all at one time) and get your fruit for $3.50/lb. a savings of $0.50 per lb. Pick 35lbs of fruit and get your fruit for $3.00/lb. Just pick at least half after July 1st. Pick all the way till October and you’ll have great fresh fruit Spring, Summer and Fall. Contact me ar 434-213-0062

August Berry Update

Due to excessive heat and dry conditions in July , our primary fruit growers (plants) suffered too much stress and are not fruiting properly. So, sadly we are not going to have much of a second crop. Stay tuned, things might look better in a week or two.

In any case WE WILL have a nice crop in June 2019…Lord willing!

We still have some frozen berried from our first pick available (4.95/lb.)


Please remember to support your local farm, We NEED you!!

Berries Update, Trout, Asparagus

Just a quick update for any that are visiting the site. ( I wonder does anybody read these blogs anymore? Has FB taken over everything? Sorry, I’m not going to do FB, in my/our experience its more like FakeBook, but that’s a whole nother story).

Looks like at least second week of August for our second crop. Predicting berry maturity is a bit tricky! Thanks for being patient with us! And please come see us.

Our crop so far was much smaller than last year as we had a severe case of Cane Blight with a harsh late winter. But! our plants have recovered nicely and “Lord Willing” we will have a good year next year. We have also plated and will be planting many more plants, 100+ so far and 100+ this fall. We will have a about 160 Ouchita (Wah-she-taa) plants that look very promising. We are always looking for the best variety to grow at our location, so far we have PrimeArk 45 (thorny), PrimArk Freedom, Natchez, and the Ouchita.

Starting in 2020 we will be offering Purple Passion Asparagus. We put in 250 plants this spring and they and will be ready for harvest after 2 years.

This Fall we will again start our Trout raising operation. We buy our small fry’s from Castaline Trout Farm in Goshen, VA. and will have fish for sale in the Spring 2019. We actually have Rainbow’s (this year’s) that have been headed and gutted that are frozen for sale at $6/lb.

Currently we do not sell at any Farmers markets but would prefer to sell right here from our Farm. The cost of attending FM’s is just to high for us. We have a convenient location if you are visiting the Peaks. We are right off 43 about a mile past Northside Supply (Kelso Mill) on Toms rd.

Has anyone noticed our new signage on 43? let us know what you think. Feel free to take a selfie with the Bear’s!

Please support your local Farm’s, not just ours. None who farm on a small/medium scale make much money. Its about blessing the community. God Bless you all.