Spring 2020 We will be early!and Asparagus too!


Rainbow Trout are ready for sale. They average just under to just over one pound. Price is $5/lb. I net them live for you when you want to pick up.


By all appearances we will have an early season this year. Plants are starting to bud.  This year we will have Natchez first with Oachita right on its heals. Also this year we overwintered our PrimeArk Freedom Variety so these should be ready quite soon too. PA Freedom is a large Berry with nice Flavor. We have never gotten much fruit from them as they Fruit early on the Primocane and typically dont over winter very well. This year we took a chance and left the Canes and we have been rewarded as the winter was so mild the canes look really good. Our old workhorse The Primeark 45 will be late this year as we cut back all of last years canes to see if we can break the cane Blight cycle. Lets hope so.

Prices for 2020 will remain the same $4 per lb. U-Pick and $1 more for We-Pick.


We will have Asparagus; Price to be determined


Also We will have comb honey for sale as we now Have 4 active hives! 


just a micro farmer here in Bedford trying to grow good things for you and me.

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