The Elliana Rose Farm

Is a small family owned farm located in Bedford County Virginia at the base of the Blue Ridge Parkway established in 2014.  We offer delicious Blackberries and fresh Trout.


Blackberries:  We will offer Fresh U-Pick beginning 1st week of July into early Fall.  Picking will be by appointment by calling, Larry at (434) 213-0062 (please call between 6:30am – 8pm).  If you prefer for us to pick them we will be offering Fresh Frozen blackberries…just call Larry to arrange pick-up time.

After researching varieties of cultivated Blackberries that would thrive in our climate, we chose types to produce the best flavor and large fruit size. We believe we have chosen plants that not only provide a lovely berry to look at, but; a sweet berry that tastes wonderful fresh or in your favorite recipe.  In our estimation these varieties will make great fresh snacks, jams, cobblers,  pies, smoothies, ice cream, wines, or whatever recipe calling for berries..


Trout:  We will be offering fresh Trout in the late Fall to Early Summer.  Trout can be purchased by calling Larry at (434) 213-0062 between the hours of 6:30 am  and 8:00 pm. Currently ( July ’20) Trout are Out! But we will have fish again in the late Fall. Call us.

Asparagus:  We will have our second crop of Purple Passion Asparagus this coming spring. Check back for pricing and availability. Call 434-213-0062.

Honey: We now have 9 active Bee Hives. Lord willing we should have a nice Honey crop later this summer. We sell most of our Honey as Comb Honey. Price is $12 per pint jar: $6.75 per half pint: and $10 1lb (approx) jar.

We have included inspiring recipes and information on why berries and trout are so good for your health. There is a section on Blackberry picking tips before your visit to the Farm.  We hope to see you soon!

Larry and Wendy Freeman